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Picture of Ramona Magno PhD

Ramona Magno PhD

Scientific coordinator of the Drought Observatory.
Permanent researcher at CNR-IBE and Forestry Engineer. Expertise in drought monitoring, climatological analysis, desertification assessment and remote sensing

Picture of Tiziana De Filippis PhD

Tiziana De Filippis PhD

Permanent researcher at CNR-IBE, Geomatics & ICT for sustainable development in agriculture. Coordination of research projects on Spatial Data Infrastructure and WebGIS applications using Open Source solutions and OGC standards

Picture of Edmondo Di Giuseppe PhD

Edmondo Di Giuseppe PhD

Climate Data Analyst and permanent researcher at CNR-IBE. Climatological Statistics: extreme events, climate zone, spatio-temporal models and Bayesian inference

Picture of Arianna Di Paola PhD

Arianna Di Paola PhD

Permanent researcher at CNR-IBE, graduated in Environmental Sciences, expert in agro-meteorological modeling. Expertise in statistical models, machine learning, design and implementation of data-driven computational algorithms, non-parametric statistical analysis

Picture of Massimiliano Pasqui PhD

Massimiliano Pasqui PhD

Physicist and permanent researcher at CNR-IBE. Expertise in climate change modelling and impacts in agriculture, seasonal forecasts in Mediterranean Basin and West Africa, and climate services for water management

Picture of Sara Quaresima

Sara Quaresima

Technician at CNR-IBE. Support activities for the management of operating systems of weather-climate modeling, analysis of data from environmental monitoring networks and climate data analyst

Picture of Elena Rapisardi PhD

Elena Rapisardi PhD

Web Communication and WordPress Consultant. Expertise in natural hazards, risk and emergency communication

Picture of Leandro Rocchi

Leandro Rocchi

Industrial engineer at CNR-IBE.
Development and update of the Drought Observatory SDI. Expertise in Geoinformatic, Modeling, Remote Sensing


Piero Toscano

Researcher at CNR-IBE. Expertise in agroecological modelling, Eddy Covariance, remote sensing

Luca Angeli

Researcher at LaMMA Consortium of Tuscany Region. Expertise in environmental analys, GIS and Remote Sensing

Giulio Betti

Technical engineer at CNR-IBE. Expertise in meteorology and climatology

Giorgio Bartolini

Researcher at LaMMA Consortium of Tuscany Region. Expertise in meteorology and climatology